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Ruth Ann Barrett
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Ruth Ann is an entrepreneur, producer, videographer, writer, and marketing executive who has worked with a wide variety of technology companies in a marketing career that spans more than a quarter-century. 

EarthSayers Network


For the last thirteen years, she has worked to advance the voices of sustainability - those speaking on behalf of Mother Earth and her children - using the WorldWideWeb. In 2007 she founded the EarthSayers Network with the launch of, Voices of Sustainability, her third start-up, now a collection of over 3,000 voices curated for relevancy. 







In September 2020 the EarthSayers team released an easy to use, customizable portal to the collection for organizations to offer as a benefit and learning tool for their audience(s). 

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Red Direct

From 1994 through 2007 as the founder of the independent San Francisco direct marketing agency, RED Direct, and with years on the client-side with industry leaders HP, Sun, ComputerLand, and Informix Software, her team produced direct marketing campaigns with exceptional response rates from executive-level decision-makers for start-up companies to include WebEx, Commerce One, Red Hat, Ask, Juniper Networks.

Red Digital Marketing (RDM)

Ruth Ann continues to provide marketing consulting services to sustainability-related individuals and companies as Red Digital Marketing from Portland, Oregon. 


Involved in the Old Town community in Portland, Oregon as a resident and business owner from 2013 - 2019. Work summarized at and pdxcaring 

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Summer, Portland, Oregon 2021

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